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Explore Self Healing Consult

Explore Self Healing with a consult with Christina

Is it time you explore self healing?  Self-healing start within us.  Everyone is unique and has a different way of approaching and handling life. Recognizing, trusting and depending on ourselves and the process of self-healing and self-improving are greatly accelerated when we have loving and trusted guides in life that not only use Divine knowledge but also teach it.

Learn to release the light within and make self-healing a regular practice.  This is an exploration of self-healing guided by Christina.

Why are the benefits of learning to practice self-healing?

  • Use love to heal yourself
  • Trust you can love yourself first
  • Help and heal the organs that are asking for your attention
  • Transform your pain and discomfort into healthier states for physical healing
  • Acknowledge your emotions and use joy, peace, and happiness for emotional healing
  • Tap into your unique connection to the Divine for spiritual healing
  • Accept what is, come to peace with it, hug it, hold it, and massage it into it’s healthy state

Initial Explore Self-healing Consult $25 for 30 minutes*

Call 631.708.5756 to book your appointment.  Conducting ZOOM appointments exclusively until further notice.

(*Discounted from 1st session if booked within 2 months.)