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About Christina: I am a lover of nature, animals, and all things. I would say all things beautiful, but there can beauty beneath the that can not be seen. Only felt…and I love that too. I always went through life wondering why. Why did certain people, situations, experiences, jobs, careers come into and out of my life the way they did. There had to be a reason.


There was….on the job training. I realize that my life has taught me non-judgement. I look at the school of life and am thankful. Thankful for my experiences full of wondrous excitement, painful sorrow and everything in between. Without my life experiences and the feelings they brought I would not be who I am today. I would not be able to do the work that my soul calls me to do.

I strive to help people heal themselves from whatever may be holding them back or keeping them stuck. We do that by finding and releasing what no longer serves us energetically and igniting the light of Hope that lies inside each and every one of us. I work with people of all ages birth to death. During transitional sessions this statement holds true. For there is no death in dying only the expansion and movement of light.

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